25. Kaiser’s Chophouse


After more than 30 years in some of Atlanta’s finest kitchens, Liechtenstein-born chef Peter Kaiser finally gets to see his name above the door of a restaurant. His steaks are listed in two sections: Uptown Meats, expensive prime cuts such as New York strip and an extraordinarily tender spinalis, also known as ribeye cap; and Downtown Meats, less flashy, leaner cuts, including a set of three four-ounce bone-in baby filets. (The terminology hints at the price differential.) The rest of the menu could easily pass as Continental with a soupçon of global fusion. Sweet little ice cream bonbons by old-school pastry chef Joannie Trotochaud are the thing to order after a meal.

5975 Roswell Road, Sandy Springs, 404-549-2882, kaiserschophouse.com

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