Tassili’s Raw Reality

75 Best Restaurants in Atlanta: Tassili's Raw Reality
Mandingo wrap

Photograph by Cori Carter

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There are 40 ounces of kale packed into the Mandingo wrap at Tassili’s Raw Reality, which has occupied the colorful ground floor of a two-story duplex in West End since 2011. Lest you scoff at its $25 price tag, take note that this wrap could easily feed you for three days—and that it’s so magical you’ll actually want to spend three days eating it. What makes it so good? Maybe it’s the superspicy, soy-marinated kale. Maybe it’s the sweet coconut corn and the couscous flecked with raisins and goji berries. Maybe it’s the sticky-crunchy combination of hemp hearts, almonds, and agave. Maybe it’s the aforementioned magic. Don’t overthink it. Just patiently wait your turn in the slow-moving line to the counter, and fixate on the beatific diners scarfing down various wraps ($9 to $14 for the normal-sized ones). That will soon be you. 1059 Ralph D. Abernathy Boulevard, 404-343-6126, tassilisrawreality.com