Take a spin at Polaris


Photograph courtesy of Hyatt Regency Atlanta

While you won’t see as much as of the city as you can from the nearby SunDial restaurant (yes, downtown Atlanta has two rotating restaurants within a few blocks of each other), the history behind the blue spaceship-like dome perched atop the Hyatt Regency Atlanta is more storied. Originally designed by John Portman, the restaurant and bar was a destination in the 1970s, but closed in 2004 for nearly a decade. In 2014 it finally returned, bringing with it a retro Mad Men-esque vibe with plush leather couches and sleek dark wood tables. The sweet frozen peach daiquiri, the bar’s most popular cocktail when it opened, is still on the menu and comes served with a playful paper umbrella rather than the Polaris-shaped swizzle stick of yore. 265 Peachtree Street, 404-460-6425, polarisatlanta.com

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