Columbus resident Josh Kelly debuts as the mysterious Cutter on “OLTL” today

Former Columbus resident Josh Kelly knows how to make an entrance. As an Army Ranger through three tours of duty in Afghanistan and one in Iraq, he notably parachuted into war zones.
On his first day of work at “One Life to Live” last week as the mysterious Cutter, the actor blew across the screen, took actress Terri Colombino in his arms and immediately got horizontal with her in a hotel room.
“I’ve had worse jobs, believe me!” Kelly told us laughing while on a holiday visit to his family in Columbus. “It turned out to be a good ice breaker. It was kind of like, ‘Welcome Josh. Now, make out with this girl!'”
On today’s new episode, Kelly picks up where Cutter left off last Wednesday.
There was a bit of pressure on Kelly too since the beautiful blond he’s sexing up is Colombino, a former “As The World Turns” actress (who played fan favorite Katie Snyder) who’s now in the fictional burg of Llanview, Pa. stirring up trouble as the mysterious Aubrey Wentworth who apparently has her gaze fixed on the Buchanan fortune.
Kelly says his experiences in the military has helped him prepare for his new career as an actor.
Says Kelly: “When you’re under pressure the way we were, you really learn the value of entertainment. When you’re over there doing a job and you get to see maybe one movie in months, you learn how important escape is.”
While the military kid’s tours are now behind him (his father was in the Navy), Kelly is looking forward to playing make-believe in the infinitely safer world of soaps. Still, he’s keeping mum on who exactly this Cutter guy is for the time being.
“I’m not really sure how much I’m allowed to discuss,” he told us. “Let’s just say he’s a really fun character to play. He’s extremely entertained by everything going on in Llanview and he’s going to be creating some problems!”
“One Life to Live” airs weekdays at 2 p.m. on WSB-TV.