Richard Bicknell to debut new Shameless Lovers, “Shakedusting Lazarus” Friday at Eddie’s Attic


Atlanta singer-songwriter Richard Bicknell isn’t making fans wait to hear his new album, “Shakedusting Lazarus” until its official release early next year.

On Friday, May 28 at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Bicknell will debut the entire album live, along with the latest incarnation of his band, The Shameless Lovers.

These latest Lovers are also heavy hitters assembled from decades of the Atlanta music scene.

Assisting Bicknell (at right, photo by Angela Myers) are former Hydra guitarist Spencer Kirkpatrick, Drivin n Cryin co-founder Frank French, former Georgia Satellites bassist Dave Hewitt and drummer Joanie Ferguson.

Bicknell’s rich, twanging voice itself has been a fixture on the city’s musical scene since he debuted as the whirling, willowy frontman for The Lost Angels in 1988.

“I’m so proud of this band and of these songs I wanted to show them off a little while we’re still making the record,” explains Bicknell. “These songs just won’t wait.”

French, who produced the first Indigo Girls album more than 20 years ago, is twisting the knobs on “Lazarus” as well.

Recalls Bicknell: “Frank said to me, ‘I need to make a record with you. I told him, ‘Well, I wish I could afford to make a record with you. He said, ‘Well, don’t worry about that.’ He’s just incredible.”

Bicknell has finally gotten more comfortable collaborating with A-list musicians as well.

“It’s been a process,” he concedes, laughing. “I don’t play an instrument. I just stand there and dance around. I used to think, ‘Oh my God, I’m such a freak. Nobody will want to write with me!'”

So, what precisely does “Shakedusting Lazarus” allude to?

“I just made it up,” he explains with a laugh. “[Nashville singer and Bicknell songwriting mentor] David Olney told me recently in that wonderful voice of his, ‘I suppose you’ve entered that James Joyce segment of your career where you just begin making up words.’ I’m intent on using poor grammar on this album as well. I was so serious for so many years. It was time to let in a little light.”

Advance tickets are $20 and doors open Friday night at 6:30 p.m. Country rocker Brian Ashley Jones opens the show. For more info, click here.