Tuck into a Turducken

Birds of a feather cooked together.

In 2014, the word “turducken” was added to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. But just who invented this Cajun poultry trifecta—a turkey stuffed with duck and chicken, often with cornbread or rice stuffing between each layer—remains a mystery. Here’s a sampling of places around the South that serve up the legendary bird-within-a-bird-within-a-bird.

K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen

Chef Paul Prudhomme introduced turducken to New Orleans in the 1970s, patenting the term and the recipe in 1986. It’s served once a year at his New Orleans landmark, as an appetizer on Thanksgiving Eve. kpauls.com

Alpine Steakhouse and Deli

Turducken—loaded with cornbread-sausage stuffing, spinach stuffing, and Andouille sausage—is on the menu every day at this Sarasota, Florida, restaurant. It’s served two ways: plated with mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberries or sliced and served on a kaiser roll with melted cheddar, turkey gravy, and a side of cranberry sauce. “It’s kind of like Thanksgiving in one bite,” says owner Matt Rebhan. alpinesteak.com

Luke New Orleans

At chef John Besh’s classic European brasserie, turducken is a Thanksgiving tradition. The recipe varies, but Besh has been known to incorporate sausage made from heritage-breed Mangalitsa pigs. The kitchen sometimes fries the leftovers and stuffs them into po’boys. lukeneworleans.com