1. Bone’s

Photograph by Greg Dupree
Photograph by Greg Dupree

Bone’s Burger
Nobody thinks of Atlanta’s oldest steakhouse as a burger destination, but it’s about time we start. Even as diners around you opt for steaks that sizzle in butter, you can take pride in ordering this grilled eight-ounce hunk—precisely salted; seductively beefy; and topped with pickles, onions, a ripe tomato, and Bibb lettuce on an airy Parker House bun. Open since 1979, the restaurant won’t reveal the blend of cuts that go into the burger, but order it medium rare (it’ll be perfect, every time), and add cheddar cheese. Slather on the mayonnaise and inhale. $14 (burger and onion rings). 3130 Piedmont Road, bonesrestaurant.com

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This article originally appeared in our January 2015 issue.