A new Mikata looks to modernize its hibachi experience

The new Dunwoody restaurant offers rare Japanese whiskeys and sake

Tuna, salmon, and yellowtail nigiri

Photo by Mithru Kumar

Brian Kim’s family has been in the restaurant business for 35 years. His father and uncles own and operate seven locations of hibachi and sushi restaurant Mikata in Georgia and Alabama. Now, Kim is looking to modernize the Japanese restaurant, starting with a new Dunwoody location in the State Farm building.

“The hibachi experience is outdated,” Kim says. “We want to emphasize the Japanese flavors and bring a different way of dining.”

Soft-open now with a grand opening planned for March 8, Mikata Dunwoody offers sushi and hibachi fare, but instead of being cooked in front of the guests at teppanyaki tables, it’s prepared behind the scenes. The menu has also been enhanced with new options like deep-fried mushroom chips, Kobe beef, and Wagyu flown in from Japan. All sauces are made in house.

Filet mignon and lobster hibachi

Photo by Mithru Kumar

The Yuzatini cocktail is made with Japanese Yuza lemons and Japanese vodka.

Photo by Mithru Kumar

Another way Mikata aims to stand out is its beverage selection. It features 11 rare aged Japanese whiskeys, plus eight diverse sakes, with more to come. Expect exclusive cognacs with a single drink costing up to $800. Six Japanese-inspired cocktails are available on a more approachable budget, made with Japanese vodka, whiskey, gin, sake, and yuzu.

Mikata has two floors of dining space, in addition to a patio. Lunch specials and a happy hour menu are in the works. Reservations are recommended.