City Winery has a brunch menu for your dog

Treat your dog to a Hot Diggity Dog or a Pooched Egg
Dog brunch City Winery Atlanta
Photograph by Brad Barket/Getty Images

Bringing your dog along to brunch isn’t so unusual in Atlanta—just walk past Ladybird‘s porch on any given Saturday morning, and you’ll see plenty of four-legged dining companions. But how many restaurants actually offer a complete menu just for Fido?

Starting tomorrow, both you and your pet can sample City Winery‘s new brunch service on their outdoor patio. For humans, there are Southern faves like shrimp and grits and fried chicken (along with traditional breakfast fare), while dogs can feast on “Hot Diggty Dog” (a cut-up hot dog), “Pooched Egg” (two scrambled eggs), and “Bone Appetit” (three strips of bacon). If you really want to treat your best pal, you can order the $20 “Puptite Steak & Eggs.” He’ll never look at plain old doggie treats the same way again.

Check out the full “Canine Cuisine” menu here, and the standard brunch menu here.