Delbar is bringing its Persian flavors to Ponce City Market

Bibi to open in the Central Food Hall November 21

Jookeh kabob with Adas Polo rice, shirazi salad, labneh, and pomegranate-tangerine juice

Photo by Andrew Thomas Lee

Delbar owner Fares Kargar is eager to expand. The Iran native opened the trendy restaurant in Inman Park in 2020, but the Covid-19 pandemic didn’t deter him from the business. He’ll launch an Alpharetta location in early 2023 and another in Virginia. But first comes Bibi, his Ponce City Market food stall, slated to open November 21. Inspired by the popularity of the dishes at Delbar, Bibi will serve an abbreviated menu of kabob platters, rice bowls, salads, and sandwiches. Draft cocktails will be available, too.

“Delbar is family-style—you share items,” Kargar says. “This is more for the individual.”

Menu items include hummus, labneh, jooleh (chicken) kabobs, salmon kabobs, and cucumber-tomato salad. For dessert, there will be baklava, baklava ice cream, and a Persian ice cream sandwich filled with saffron-, pistachio-, and rosewater-based ice cream. Cocktails are inspired by those at Delbar, such as one made with Castle & Key gin, citrus, mint, and cardamom. Kargar says he’s currently seeking out some Middle Eastern wines and beers to be sold by the bottle.

Koobideh sandwich

Photo by Andrew Thomas Lee

Hummus, dill labneh, and barbari bread

Photo by Andrew Thomas Lee

The name Bibi comes from the Persian word representing a powerful female community leader. It was inspired by Kargar’s grandmother, who taught him to cook and often served 20 to 30 guests at once.

“With all the movements in Iran right now, it feels like the perfect name,” Kargar says.

Designed by Archie Bolden, Bibi replaces Marrakesh on the first floor of the Central Food Hall. It infuses the greens and natural woods of Delbar—inspired by the Iranian countryside where Kargar’s grandmother lives—with bright pops and color, geometric shapes, and dried flowers.

“The space just comes to life,” Kargar says.

However, he’s not stopping there. He admits to working on “an upscale Middle Eastern restaurant in Atlanta,” but isn’t revealing additional details—yet.

A rendering of Bibi

By Archie Bolden

Salmon kabob with Baghali Polo rice, shirazi salad, labneh, and cucumber-mint juice

Photo by Andrew Thomas Lee