Growing sweet potatoes can be tricky business

Luckly, Truly Living Well plans to have plenty for the holidays
Sweet Potato
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You might not realize that the sweet potatoes on your holiday plate represent a fairly big commitment for farmers. While a radish reaches maturity in about a month, a sweet potato takes three to four times as long—and requires ample room to grow. That’s a lot to ask from a small operation, says Kofi Kwayana, farm manager for Truly Living Well. The upside: “Sweet potatoes are popular and store well.” Kwayana anticipates harvesting several hundred pounds in time for the holidays. Find them for sale in downtown East Point on Wednesday afternoons (even the day before Thanksgiving, also the day of the farm’s annual collard greens sale), on the Wheat Street farm in Sweet Auburn on Friday afternoons, and at Freedom Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.

This article originally appeared in our November 2015 issue under the headline Sweet Talk.