Juice Box opens in March in Ponce City Market

Expect salad in a jar, a kombucha bar, raw food, and juice cleanses
Juice Box

The team behind Rawesome Juicery in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market is opening a food hall spot called Juice Box in Ponce City Market this March. According to owner Chantel Jiroch, Juice Box will have a kombucha bar, raw food, jarred salads, green smoothies, energy shots, and a schoolhouse theme.

“The name just reminds me of when I was a kid,” Jiroch says. “Our juices are just a more mature version of those juice boxes I had in my lunchbox.”

To fit with the theme, employees will wear glasses with tape around the rim, and menu items will fit into categories like Jocks (protein smoothies with nut milks) and Nerds (juices and smoothies high in Omega 3s that are good for brain function). The menu will be designed to look like a yearbook.

Jiroch is still working on menu specifics, but she says it will differ from that at Rawesome. “Rawesome was about combining healthy and flavorful. Juice box is catered to clean eating and raw foods,” she says.

Juice Box will have more grab-and-go items such as raw oatmeal, protein, and nut bars; layered kale and fruit salads with house-made dressings; and seasonally flavored kombucha fermented in-house.

There will be an official six-day juice cleanse available, and made-to-order juices will be targeted for specific goals, such as detoxing with probiotics or enhancing circulation with E3Live algae. One example is Bentonite Clay lemonade made with clay soaked in water for twenty-four hours and mixed with lemon, ginger, and chlorophyll.