Mercedes-Benz Stadium lowers prices on a few food items, announces exclusive craft beer

Mercedes Benz Stadium food prices lower
The Shock Top Bratwurst, one of the items at Mercedes-Benz Stadium that will have its price lowered by a dollar on August 30.

Photograph courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Arguably the best thing about going to an event at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, other than gazing upon the massive, shining halo board or taking an obligatory selfie with the metal falcon, is getting unlimited refills of a $2 soda and snagging a couple of $2 hot dogs that work as either a snack or a meal. (Wading through the halftime rush at the fountains is still worth not having to carefully pace an $8 Diet Coke throughout an entire game.)

The “fan-first pricing” is working for MBS, too. In January, the stadium announced a 16 percent increase in fan spending at the stadium during Atlanta Falcons football games, and saw more Falcons fans entering the stadium earlier before games. The stadium says it sold the same quantity of food and drink during the first quarter of 2017 regular season games that it would have sold during an entire game in 2016.

This year they’re hoping to sweeten the deals a bit by lowering prices on a handful of the stadium’s “premium” items by $1 each, and by selling an exclusive $5 craft beer. The items with the lowered prices (effective August 30) are:

ATL Italian Sausage: $7
Shock Top Bratwurst: $8
ATL Bud Burger: $8
West Nest’s Free Range Fried Chicken Sandwich: $10
Chili cheese fries: $9
Cheese fries: $5

As for the craft beer, the stadium is mum on most of the details, other than the fact that the beer will be from an Atlanta brewer and will be exclusive to the stadium. It’ll debut during the Falcons home opener against the Carolina Panthers on September 16 and will be $5 for a 12-ounce pour and $7 for a 20-ounce pour. (For reference, a craft beer at MBS is typically $7 for a 12-ounce pour and $9 for a 20-ounce pour, while a Bud Light draft goes for $5.)

Other changes Falcons fans can expect this season include a few new menu items, including two new veggie burgers, one made of quinoa and the other of garbanzo beans; brisket mac and cheese; tinga chicken nachos; and a ton of new fry options, including bacon cheese fries, buffalo fries, Parmesan fries, and funnel cake fries.