Pannus Bakery brings sandwiches, pastries, and bread to Inman Park

Krog Street Market bakery hopes to open before Thanksgiving
Mantequillas, an Uruguayan pastry filled with dulce de leche

Courtesy of Xanic Dunning

When Krog Street Market announced its first tenants several weeks ago, the roster included popular names like Ford Fry, Eli Kirshtein, and the Spotted Trotter. There was one big unknown on the list, however—an international bakery that slipped quietly from an under-the-radar, wholesale-only location in Lawrenceville to a retail slot in one of the most highly anticipated developments.

Pannus Bakery, a collaboration of chef Xanic Dunning and co-owners Manlio Miranda and Eduardo Aguilar, is scheduled to open before Thanksgiving, bringing made-in-house sandwiches, pastries, and breads to Inman Park.

“I moved to Inman Park two years ago and have seen how the people here appreciate food made in-house and how they support local businesses,” Dunning says. “There’s very little authentic [ethnic food] in the city. We have a lot of products people haven’t tried, and I think they will really like the diversity.”

Pannus focuses on traditional baked goods from Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, and Europe. Offerings include tiramisu, crème brulee, napoleons, éclairs, mantequillas (butter buns filled with savory ingredients), French baguettes, Mexican bolillo (oval rolls), parlmiers (similar to elephant ears), and alfarjores (a South American treat similar to a cookie with dulce de leche).

The bakery will also sell a few sandwiches such as tortas, Cubans, and an Argentinian item with chorizo and chimichurri. Dunning says she is looking into getting the meat from the Spotted Trotter, which will be located in the market stall adjacent to Pannus.

There will be a few side items such as salads as well as Latin American sodas, Mexican Coca-Cola, yerba mate tea, and more.

Dunning says the goal of Krog Street Market is to have all its tenants work in harmony, so coffee will be provided by the coffee shop on site.

Though Pannus Bakery is takeout only, Dunning points out that Krog Street Market will offer seating for those who want to enjoy their goods on the premises.