B’s Cracklin’ pitmaster Bryan Furman lands his name on a bottle of Heinz

The breakout chef gets some national recognition in the supermarket aisle
The Carolina-style Heinz barbecue sauce with Furman’s name

Photographs courtesy of Bryan Furman.

B’s Cracklin’ Barbecue pitmaster Bryan Furman is getting more national recognition—this time in the supermarket aisle. Furman, who relocated here from Savannah last year, was selected by Heinz to be part of their Pitmaster Partners barbecue sauce line, which launched last year. Heinz tapped top “regional pitmaster partners” such Sam Jones of Sam Jones Barbecue in North Carolina, Robert Sierra of Texas’s S&S Pit Crew, and Dan Brown of Leonard’s Pit Barbecue in Memphis, to put their name on a bottle of Heinz that corresponded to their barbecue style. Furman’s inspiration—Carolina Mustard Style—was one of three new sauces to join the line this year.

“Heinz got in contact with me—they were looking up people with good mustard sauces, and my peach mustard sauce [was one of the most talked about],” Furman says of the deal. “They came down and tasted mine. I showed them what the color [and flavor] needed to be.” While the sauce in the bottle isn’t Furman’s recipe—there are no peaches, unlike the what you find at B’s Cracklin’—it’s exciting to see the accomplished self-taught pitmaster getting this kind of national recognition so early in his career.

A selection of Heinz sauces.

Photograph by Jennifer Zyman.

Furman says the Heinz available at Walmart, Kroger, Publix, and Target stores for around $2 right now. As for what else the pitmaster is up to these days, his breakfast series with Erika Council, which debuted last weekend, was a great success. (They kept running out of biscuits, he says.) Furman says he is planning at least three more breakfast pop-ups in July.