The Varsity to roll out canned version of its classic chili Friday

As famed French chef Jacques Pepin once exclaimed in our presence at the Georgian Terrace when he learned the duck breast he was sawing through had just been microwaved: “Oh my!”
That might also well be the reaction from die-hard Varsity fans when they learn that beginning Friday, their favorite chili will be available in a can.
Yes, the world famous chili recipe first developed in 1928 at the downtown Atlanta drive in can now be a pantry staple at home whenever you have a hankering for the meaty comfort food.
For weekend tailgaters who routinely pile into the Georgia Tech and University of Georgia adjacent locations here and in Athens, the product could simplify Saturday errands.
The canned chili is already available at The Varsity’s website (for $3.89 a can, mind you) and according to the fast food emporium’s Facebook page, will be in all Varsity locations by Friday.
So far, the reaction to the canned version of The Varsity classic has been decidedly mixed among the more than 59,000 folks who “like” the landmark on Facebook.
The announcement was greeted with 432 “thumbs up” on the social media site.
Fan Mark Kilgore posted: “Heaven came down!” while Daniel Bettis issued a more reserved “yuck.”
One poster based in Houston, Texas wrote that he’s already placed online orders to be shipped to him.
Reasoned fan Keith Lincer: “Scary/yummy in a can. But it won’t work without The Varsity hot dogs.”
Dish’s favorite comment posted so far came from Marcia Boone who wrote: “I’ll get a can and pour it over [late AJC columnist] Lewis Grizzard‘s grave. Better than flowers any day.”
So, what are your thoughts on The Varsity canning its classic chili?