Drink This: Lawn Dart

A perfect liqueur for summer parties and porch sipping
Lawn Dart
Lawn Dart

Photograph courtesy of Old Fourth Distillery

The base for this citrusy liqueur from Old Fourth Distillery is a cane sugar spirit, which brothers Jeff and Craig Moore infuse with lemons. “We hand-peel 75 lemons per run,” says Jeff. Then it’s blended with spicy cold-pressed ginger juice. Even more lemons are added during the maceration stage to give the spirit its canary color.

Although Old Fourth released Lawn Dart last December, its refreshing taste makes it perfect for summer parties and porch-front sipping. Crack open a bottle, pour a couple ounces, and drink it straight, like its Italian cousin limoncello.

You can purchase Lawn Dart at Green’s; Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits; or Citi Wine and Spirits.

This article originally appeared in our June 2017 issue.