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14 Georgia distilleries worth the drive

These craft spirits show there’s more to Georgia than wine and beer. Pick a spirit that interests you and hit the road—catch a tour, have a taste, and bring a bottle home.
Old Fourth Distillery

Sip local vodka and gin at Old Fourth Distillery

The distillery—which features the historic Cotton Mill Lofts and Ponce City Market on its bottles—started with just its signature sugar cane-based vodka when it opened in 2014 and has since expanded to include gin and a lemon-ginger liqueur named Lawn Dart.
Lawn Dart

Drink This: Lawn Dart

The base for this citrusy liqueur from Old Fourth Distillery is a cane sugar spirit, which brothers Jeff and Craig Moore infuse with lemons.
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Old Fourth Distillery

New Booze Producer: Old Fourth Distillery

The three years it took the owners to navigate a permitting labyrinth and renovate their Edgewood facility doesn’t seem so long when you consider that we haven’t had a proper distillery since 1906.

Atlanta’s Old Fourth Distillery gin planned for a winter release

At 487 Edgewood Avenue, the co-founders of Old Fourth Distillery are kept busy producing their eponymous vodka—and putting the finishing touches on the recipe for a gin they plan to release some time in December. Crafting a spirit from scratch in-house has proven far more time-intensive than the partners had imagined when they started two years ago, opening the first distillery in the Atlanta city limits since 1907. But the outcome has exceeded their most intemperate expectations, both in terms of sales and taste.

Jim Stacy goes prime time, Atlanta welcomes Old Fourth Distillery, and more bite-sized dining news

Corn dog maven Jim Stacy recently landed his first high-profile television show, Offbeat Eats with Jim Stacy, on the Cooking Channel. In the pilot episode, he hunts down food inspired by monster movies at restaurants in Atlanta, San Diego, and Easthampton, Massachusetts.

Old Fourth Distillery begins production of craft vodka, gin

Old Fourth Distillery, a first for Atlanta since R.M. Rose Distiller closed in 1906, began production on Monday. Three tons of sugar were delivered to 487 Edgewood Ave SE. last week to begin the final stage of a years-long labor of love from brothers Jeff and Craig Moore.

Old Fourth Distillery to bring craft vodka and gin to Atlanta

If all goes according to plan, Atlanta’s first distillery since Prohibition will open next May. Brothers Jeff and Craig Moore—who own a technology company, as well as several real estate properties—have secured a twenty-year lease on a 2,500-square-foot building, 487 Edgewood Avenue, in the Old Fourth Ward. There, they plan to distill vodka, gin, and, eventually, whiskey.

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