Two Atlanta ciders worth sipping this summer

Urban Tree Cidery and Treehorn Cider are new to the city’s cider scene
Urban Tree Cidery
Try Urban Tree’s lineup at its tasting room, which opened in March. Visit for hours.

Photograph by John E. McDonald

Is hard cider the new “it” drink in local craft brewing? Westside’s Urban Tree Cidery opened in late March and is the city’s first hard cider producer within the Perimeter. Owners Maria and Tim Resuta, who source fruit from an orchard in North Georgia, currently make three varieties: the crisp and danger­ously drinkable original; the juicy, semisweet classic; and the barrel-aged, which spends a few weeks in Nicaraguan rum barrels that impart molasses-like richness and an impression of caramel­ized apples. In Marietta, Treehorn Cider, which opened last fall, has already found root in many of Atlanta’s better beer bars, like Brick Store Pub. Treehorn’s signature is a moderately tart, funky-tropical cider, but we’re really digging the new Ginger Reserve, with a spice that’s assertive but never overbearing.

This article originally appeared in our June 2016 issue as “Hard Core”.