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Barnsley Resort’s signature old fashioned raises the bar on a classic recipe

The dramatic cocktail, made with the property's private, single-barrel bourbon, is a favorite among staff and guests alike.
Atlanta’s top-shelf new cocktail spots

Atlanta’s top-shelf new cocktail spots

The 1970s are back, and not just the rampant inflation. (Hey-o!) Also, crucially: the vibes. And the booze. In 2021, Colony Square welcomed the groovy disco-era cocktail lounge JoJo’s Beloved, and this year it’s joined in Midtown by the Waiting Room. The latter is from the folks behind the restaurant Bon Ton; in fact, it’s above Bon Ton, a second-floor redoubt in the eye-catching pink building on Myrtle Street. Decorated in red and pink shag, and boasting DJs and live music—even a piano—the Waiting Room was designed to have a warm, grown-up feel.
Things we like: Arak

Things we like: Arak

When you order arak service at Zakia, a bottle is brought to you tableside on a golden cart—it’s an event, a presentation. “Would you like me to prepare this?” your server will ask before gently combining the spirit with cold water and ice, which is the traditional way to drink it. It’s a bit of a magic trick—the clear liquor turns a hazy white as soon as the other elements are added. This is because the essential oil of aniseed is soluble in alcohol but not in water.
Hampton Social

The Hampton Social to bring “rosé all day” to Dunwoody’s High Street

A 10,000-square-foot restaurant is joining High Street in Dunwoody next spring. Called the Hampton Social, it’s a coastal-inspired spot with 11 locations in Illinois, Florida, and Tennessee. Founded in Chicago in 2015, it boasts a “Rosé All Day” mentality that focuses on social engagement. However, it’s not all about the ‘gram—a James Beard award-winning chef is behind the culinary program.

A solar-powered bar comes to the Westside BeltLine just in time for the Lantern Parade

Lee + White neighbors ASW Distillery and Monday Night Brewing are teaming up to bring a solar-powered bar to the Atlanta BeltLine’s Westside Trail. Aptly dubbed SolarBar, it launches May 20, when the BeltLine Lantern Parade promises to bring thousands of pedestrians to the area.
Whiskey Bird’s signature frosé

A love letter to the wine slushie

Some wines are born great, some achieve greatness, and some are thrust into slushie machines and emerge as frosé.

TaB fans are putting out an S.O.S. (Save Our Soda)

In summer 2022, a hot-pink digital billboard popped up downtown near the headquarters of the Coca-Cola Co., bearing a series of paeans to the diet beverage TaB: “I’m saving a can of TaB to be buried with me.” “I spent more for my last TaB than I did on my wedding dress.” Here and in Buckhead, the billboards were paid for by the SaveTaBSoda Committee, which formed after Coca-Cola put a number of underperforming products, including TaB, on ice.
Georgia distilleries worth the drive

14 Georgia distilleries worth the drive

These craft spirits show there’s more to Georgia than wine and beer. Pick a spirit that interests you and hit the road—catch a tour, have a taste, and bring a bottle home.

5 must-visit dive bars across the Southeast

No-frills institutions that set the bar high for cheap beer and good times
Rainbow drinks Atlanta

Drink the rainbow! Where to find bright, vivid drinks in Atlanta

Summer’s here—and with it, a cool drink for every color under the sun.

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