Where does the Atlanta BeltLine go from here?

Overheard on the BeltLine

Overheard on the BeltLine
The BeltLine has some really…weird conversations

Illustration by Peter Arkle

The two-mile Eastside Trail is just long enough for some weird conversations. —Tess Malone

“It’s so horribly overpriced, like buying a matchbox 400 people can see you in.”
—Man in his 50s, while walking past the Telephone Factory Lofts with a group of men

“Seriously, this is a good place to meet people: It’s during the day, you aren’t, like, freaking hammered, and it’s a different vibe. The men want to get coffee after.”
—Three single 20-something women leaving King of Pops Free Yoga in the Park

“The only restaurant I can think of here is that place where Erin couldn’t get her Bloody Mary, so we can’t go there.”
—Two college students walking past Parish

“When you use technology, it doesn’t feel like you’re outside.”
—20-something man Instagramming

—Rollerblader to a couple shooting engagement photos

“I’m tired of running alone. I’m getting a dog, and I’m gonna name him Lenny Kravitz.”
—30-something man running with his phone on speaker

“Why are you trying to chew on the leaf? This trail isn’t a goddamn salad bar.”
—40-something man to his pit bull

“Oh! We almost got run over by a biker!”
—Two 30-something women hugging in the middle of the trail

“So this is the High Line.”
—20-something woman in Panama hat to her tourist friends

“That’s called naked riding. I do naked running.”
—20-something woman to her male friend, both in active wear and holding beers

“The crazy thing is she’s so sure about it, and he’s the one who’s not, and she’s so much better than him.”
—Two 30-something women in sundresses and high heels