By the numbers: Blue Man Group

A look at what goes into staging the production
Photograph courtesy of Blue Man Group

How best to explain Blue Man Group? It’s as if three earless blue humanoid aliens landed in Atlanta for a week of experimental percussion music, rave dancing, and Cap’n Crunch munching (which gets messy enough to require a poncho section in the front rows). What exactly goes into staging such a production? Here are a few numbers that will blue your mind.

Bald caps used each week

Cakes of special Blue Man Blue paint used during a week’s worth of shows

Loads of black pants and turtlenecks laundered each week

On the calendar  On April 7-12, the cobalt crew, cofounded in 1987 by Savannah native Phil Stanton, takes the stage at the Fox Theatre.

This article originally appeared in our April 2015 issue under the headline “Blues Clues.”