How to get a ride to the polls in Atlanta on Election Day

Free or discounted ways to get to the polls in Atlanta

How to get a ride to the polls Atlanta Georgia Election Day

Photograph by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Do you have a plan yet for how you’re getting to the polls on Tuesday, November 6? Multiple companies and services are offering discounted and even free transportation to the polls on Election Day, so to help Atlantans find their way to the polls, we’ve rounded up the options we could find.

Find out where your polling place is located here.

The rideshare service is offering $10 off a ride to the polls (but not home, unfortunately). The discount is also only offered on the cheapest available option, so Express Pool, Pool, and UberX “in that order” according to the company’s website. Be sure to enter promo code VOTE2018 into the app to claim the offer.

The rideshare service is offering 50 percent off a ride to the polls (up to $5). Like Lyft, it doesn’t cover a return trip. Promo codes are unique, so enter your zip code here to get yours.

Need a little extra help getting to your polling place but not enough to hail a car? You can get one free Lime scooter ride (up to 30 minutes) using promo code LIME2VOTE18. This can get you to the polls and potentially back depending on how long the journey and polling line is—you can “pause” a Lime trip using the app to keep your scooter from being snagged while you vote, but it will keep the meter running so to speak, counting toward your 30 free minutes. But once time’s up, it’s only $1, plus $0.15 for each minute.

Relay Bike Share
If you’d prefer to bike over scooter, Atlanta’s bike share system is offering discounted rides to the polls. Use the promo code Vote2018 for a $3.50 account credit, valid for both new and existing Relay accounts.

Willie A Watkins Funeral Home
It might seem unorthodox, but the funeral home is offering free “Roll to the Polls” limousine rides from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Call one of their locations in West End (404-758-1731), Douglasville (770-489-6751), Lithonia (770-482-2376), Carrollton (770-836-0044), and Riverdale (770-909-8800) to request a ride.

Erika Brown & Associates
The real estate group will be offering free rides to the polls at the following west Atlanta locations: West Hunter Street Baptist Church, Grove Park Recreation Center, Lindsay Street Baptist Church, Tuskegee Airman Global Academy Elementary School, Booker T. Washington High School, and the Joseph D. McGhee Tennis Center. To reserve a ride, call 470-869-2439 or fill out this online form.

Georgia Democrats Voter Protection Line
According to a spokesperson for Georgia Democrats, you can call 1-888-730-5816 or text “RideGA” to 9779 to request a free ride to the polls.

Carpool Vote
This national organization matches those in need of a ride with volunteer drivers, and does list services available in metro Atlanta. Call 804-424-5335 or fill out this form to request a ride.