LEAD baseball players weigh in on the Braves move

High-school baseball players in the program founded by C.J. Stewart share their views
Carlos Twine

All photos courtesy Kelli Stewart

In our November Groundbreakers feature, we honored C.J. and Kelli Stewart, founders of L.E.A.D., Inc., a local program that uses baseball to inspire young men to become athletes, scholars, and leaders. At our awards ceremony, just days after the Atlanta Braves’ surprise announcement, we were intrigued to hear the young L.E.A.D. Ambassadors’ take on the team’s move to Cobb County. A few of them were nice enough to share their thoughts in writing:

Carlos Twine
Age 16, 11th grade, New Schools at Carver Early College, middle infield
I don’t think I will be able to get to as many games because of transportation to and from the games. It was easier up here because it only took me like four or five minutes to get there and only fifteen walking. And I think it will hurt the area around Turner Field because now we don’t have anything here. To attend any big events we’ll have to go far out. But I think it was a business decision. I think that they felt that more people would attend—not knowing that Atlanta is really the meeting point of all cities/counties.


Cameron Giles
Age 14, 9th grade, Benjamin E. Mays High School, center field
I feel that the move is a waste of space for Atlanta, because Turner Field is a historic site for people all over the country. I think the Braves are both helping and hurting their fans. They will receive more exposure from other fans, but they will lose some fans from the Atlanta area. But my feeling will always remain the same for the Braves, that they are #1!!! (Pictured with his parents)

Derrick Walker
Age 16, 10th grade, New Schools at Carver Early College,
middle infield

I feel that the Braves will have a smaller fan base because of the move to Cobb County, and it will change how fans look at the team. I think they would be hurting their fans because they have no history where they are about to move. And I think the neighborhoods around Turner Field will change without the Braves being there. But they still will be a winning team because of their great players and game plan. (Pictured with C.J. Stewart)

D’Anthony Morrow
Age 15, 10th grade,
Benjamin E. Mays High School, infield and outfield

I think that the Braves are hurting their fans with moving the stadium because some people that live in Atlanta are going to have to go through traffic getting to Cobb County. Also, people that may walk to the stadium now will not be able to attend the games because they have no transportation. Moving the stadium will hurt the neighborhoods around the Ted because employees that live near the stadium may lose their jobs. But, no, the move has not changed my feelings about the Braves. I am still a fan. (Pictured with his mother.)