Mayor: Guns will not be everywhere in the City of Atlanta

As Georgia’s new law goes into effect, mayor Kasim Reed bans firearms from city facilities.
Mayor Kasim Reed

Courtesy City of Atlanta

In all of yesterday’s excitement over soccer and waffles, it might have slipped your mind that July 1 also marked the start of Georgia’s new gun law. The so-called “Guns Everywhere” law increases the public places where firearms can be carried—including bars, nightclubs, and some government facilities.

The law had only been in effect a few hours before the mayor issued a statement saying that security officers would be screening for firearms at certain city facilities, including recreation centers, where summer programs are in full gear.

According to the mayor:

With the exception of certain public safety officials and employees, there is no place for firearms in a city facility. Every City of
Atlanta government facility that screens the entrance into the
facility with security personnel will continue to prohibit firearms.
Furthermore, City of Atlanta employees have all been notified that the
new state law does not authorize them to carry firearms while on duty
or store weapons in personal vehicles that are parked in secured
employee parking lots.

The proliferation of guns in this country poses a serious threat to
public safety. The city is taking common-sense measures to secure our
buildings and keep our citizens safe.

You can read the full statement here.

The city of Atlanta’s homicide rate has dropped to the lowest level in decades. That said, guns accounted for 72 of the 84 homicides in 2013. While violent crime has declined, certain crimes, robbery in particular, kept the Atlanta on the list of most dangerous cities, according to analysis by Law Street Media.