Video of the Day: This is how to use the Atlanta BeltLine

The BeltLine teams up with Dad’s Garage to show walkers and cyclists what not to do
Atlanta BeltLine

Photograph by Myrydd Wells

The Atlanta BeltLine, particularly the Eastside Trail, never fails to draw a ton of attention from locals and tourists alike. Earlier this week, the New York Times published an article about the project, which, despite its unflattering headline (“A Glorified Sidewalk, and the Path to Transform Atlanta“—gee, thanks), painted a positive picture of the trail’s impact on our city, calling it “a staggeringly ambitious engine of urban revitalization.”

But anyone who’s ventured onto the Eastside trail on a beautiful Saturday afternoon knows that proper trail etiquette isn’t always observed. Cyclists whip around groups as they walk five abreast or stop in the middle of the path to chat, clueless pedestrians stroll aimlessly along the wrong side. It can get frustrating. So in their continuing effort to raise etiquette awareness, Atlanta BeltLine Inc. teamed up with Dad’s Garage players Sarah Ackerman and Karen Cassady and B98.5 host Madison James to create a video showing the do’s and don’ts of the trail.

We admit, the video, with its “y’all”s and “sugar”s, is a bit cheesy, but the points it makes are solid. On behalf of anyone who’s ever twisted an ankle trying to dodge out of someone’s way or clamber around a massive wall of stand-bys, let’s keep the trail clear, y’all.