If you’ve never spun the giant rock in Midtown, go now

The Rockspinner leaves on April 3
Rockspinner leaving Midtown
Say goodbye to the Rockspinner

Photograph by Myrydd Wells

We’ve known for a while that the Rockspinner, the massive 22,000-pound rock that has sat perched on the corner of 10th and Peachtree streets for the last three years, would be leaving Midtown this year and heading to another city. But yesterday, the Midtown Alliance released the takedown date—April 3—with an endearingly goofy video that explains the move and features Atlantans (including Baton Bob) spinning and thanking the rock for its service.

The sculpture, created by Atlanta artist Zachary Coffin, was installed back in November 2013 and was leased by the Midtown Alliance for three years. The Alliance took bids for its replacement earlier this year and will debut the new piece this summer. They’ve released no clues as to what that piece is, describing it in the video only as “engaging and thought-provoking.”

But no matter how cool it may be, the Rockspinner still has a special place in Atlantans’ hearts. It was known to sport earmuffs or a Santa hat in the winter, amusing us when we were stuck at the intersection light. It had adorable stick-figure instructions warning you not to climb it. It allowed people drunkenly stumbling home from Midtown bars to believe they had superpowers. (It’s no easy feat to move 22,000 pounds of solid rock, after all.)

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We’ll miss you, Rockspinner. May you bring the next city as much joy as you gave us.