Hot Atlanta Shop: Tough Boot & Co. offers men’s vintage

The Westside store values utility and authenticity
Photograph by Scott Areman
Photograph by Scott Areman

Most men’s vintage clothing stores in Atlanta are better suited for a costume party than your closet. Tough Boot & Co., however, values utility and authenticity, capitalizing on the resurgence of sturdy fabrics and “heritage brands.” The racks are stocked with rugged denim, flannel shirts, tin-cloth jackets, and brands (like Filson, Pendleton, and Red Wing) that blend seamlessly into a dignified wardrobe. Proprietor Luis Toache, who moonlights as an art consultant, opened the shop last fall after a stint in Westside Market, sourcing inventory from flea markets and wholesalers in New York, San Francisco, and London. Not everything in the store is old; find jeans by 3sixteen, boots by N.D.C., and Belstaff motorcycle jackets. 1080 Brady Avenue

This article originally appeared in our May 2015 issue as part of “Scout About Town.”