My Style: Elementary school teacher Anna Greene

Greene documents her quirky, colorful style on Instagram, @whattheartteacherwears

My Style
Anna is wearing a top from Ace & Jig, pants from Zara, shoes from ModCloth, and a jacket she bought on ThredUp and embellished with faux flowers. She made her own jewelry.

Photograph by Ben Rollins

Art teacher Anna uses her creativity—and her “wardrobe crafting”—to bring joy to her students during challenging times. She documents her quirky, colorful style on Instagram @whattheartteacherwears, featuring her collection of “slow fashion” brands like Ace & Jig and pieces she’s stitched herself or enhanced with details like tinsel or flowers.

Lives in Carrollton
Origins I’ve always loved clothing. Becoming an art teacher was a good excuse to take it up a notch.
Stripes or Florals? Both at the same time!
True story The school secretary dressed up as me on Halloween last year.
Art tour you can’t get over Yayoi Kusama at the High Museum of Art
Shopping Citizen Supply at Ponce City Market—and also Instagram
Go-to brands Ace & Jig, Bryr Clogs, Marimekko, DusenDusen
Teacher’s pet or Class clown? Teacher’s pet
Post-school indulgence Ice cream at Butter’dudder in Carrollton
Syllabus Be kind. Teachers are doing it all this year—trying to provide therapy, empathy, and social skills, on top of the curriculum.

This article appears in our December 2020 issue.