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Asanda Spa Lounge Delta Sky Club Atlanta

Delta’s new Asanda Spa brings luxe massages and facials to Atlanta’s airport

The Asanda Spa Lounge, which launched quietly in January in the Delta Sky Club Terminal E, offers a variety of treatments for travel-weary guests, ranging from a 10-minute foot and leg massage to a 45-minute facial with customized skin products.

Atlanta’s airport has three new airlines. Here’s how they stack up against Delta

For decades, airlines have battled for a piece of the Atlanta market, where more than 75 percent of the airport’s traffic comes from Delta and its SkyTeam partners. Southwest nabs another 9.5 percent; the others just nibble at the edges. That said, a few arrivistes are looking to create some turbulence. How they stack up against the titan of the tarmac.

Someone brought a corpse through the Atlanta TSA checkpoint . . . sort of

Travelers might have been shocked to see a corpse prop from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie scanned by the TSA.

Fly Southwest Airlines three times and your buddy flies free. We did it for under $300.

With low prices from Atlanta to commemorate Southwest’s finalized acquisition of AirTran and cheap fares out of Dallas marking the end of the Wright Amendment, I had the perfect bargain storm. I spent roughly $45 for each of six flights—and earned a companion pass for the low cost of $270.60.

Air fair? Why low-cost carriers can’t overcome Delta’s dominance

This year brings expanded service at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport from Spirit and Frontier, low-fare airlines that are so no-frills they’ll charge you to use the overhead storage. But hey, this is good news, right?

34. Try “plane-

Here are three superior spots for a little aviation observation.

Excess Baggage

The other day I was at the Atlanta airport and saw two Eastern Europeans lumbering down the concourse, laden with a suitcase that looked like they just got up that morning and decided to put a handle on their house.

PodPonics sets sights high

Vertical farming was a hot agricultural topic before the recession. What better way to provide produce to an urban society than to grow it out of specially commissioned skyscrapers? Then economic realities set in. Enter Atlanta-based PodPonics.

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