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Archery Rivals: Katniss vs. Daryl vs. Chipper

If you don’t get the Sportsman Channel (and even if your cable carries it, you still may not get it), you probably don’t know that onetime Braves star Chipper Jones has traded his bat and uniform for a compound bow and camo as star of outdoors show Major League Bowhunter. We immediately wondered how No. 10 would fare against two famous, if fictional, archers who shoot (arrows and film) in Georgia.

Cobb steamrolls ahead with vote

The deal was done. Every person packed into the Cobb County Board of Commissioners meeting last night knew that the officials were moving forward with their shotgun marriage to the Braves, whose leaders were sitting in the front row. Two of the commissioners had already voiced support of Chairman Tim Lee’s agreement, fresh out of the smoke-filled room. Three votes out of five. The math was simple.

Commentary: Dear Braves fans, stop taking it out on Cobb

Listen you ITP people, there’s no reason to get personal. We Cobb residents didn’t ask for a baseball stadium any more than you Atlantans lobbied to kick the Braves out. Please direct your anger at Braves owner Liberty Media and your *own* elected officials. Hating on Cobb County is like an ex-wife blaming her husband’s new spouse, even though she’s the one who initiated the divorce.

Commentary: The core problem with Cobb

It can’t have been easy to be a Cobb resident this week. Since Monday’s surprise announcement of the Braves’ impending relocation to a vacant lot near Cumberland Mall, the prevailing attitude from the rest of the metro area has been: Effing *Cobb*. Those highway-worshipin’, Applebees-eatin’ suburbanites spit in the face of progress [time][1] and [again][2], then steal our baseball team.

How Atlanta sports fans can survive these terrible times

The Boston Buddha is a certified meditation instructor in New England. He's also a huge Boston sports fan who has dealt with many sports-induced lows over the last forty years. I reached out to him today, desperate for answers, still sick from the simultaneous collapse of the Braves, Falcons, Hawks, Dream, and Bulldogs within the last week. The guy's nickname is Buddha, so surely he had answers.

Atlanta sports fans: We definitely have it worst

Who has it worse, Braves or Cubs fans? I posed the question to my Chicago-born husband this morning, six hours after my beloved Bravos blew a late lead over the Dodgers to lose their sixth straight division series. Is it more painful to limp home from the postseason year after year, or to (almost) never be any good at all?

Kate Upton joins the Upton brothers on Sports Illustrated cover

It's October, and the Braves are back in the REAL postseason (where it'll take more than a B.S. infield-fly call to eliminate us). To herald the return of the playoff chop, *Sports Illustrated* has tapped B.J. and Justin Upton for their cover. Now before you cringe and brace for the dreaded SI cover curse, please note that this photo comes with a good luck charm—two-time SI Swimsuit cover model Kate Upton (no relation—of any kind, really).

July 2013

I have been to major league baseball games in Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, Boston, New York, Denver, and Cleveland. This isn’t that many, I realize—there are thousands of baseball fans, after all, who have visited every big-league ballpark in America—but it’s enough to make me wonder: What’s wrong with Atlanta that we can’t do something about the neighborhood around Turner Field?

Chipper Jones will be a Braves Hall of Famer

The career of Chipper Jones, who retired in 2012, is a matter of empirical record: The top pick in the 1990 draft, Jones became an eight-time All-Star player and the only switch-hitter in baseball history to maintain a .300 batting average and more than 300 home runs.

3. Stay for the fireworks at the Ted

In the predawn hours of July 5, 1985, in the eighteenth inning of a twice-rain-delayed game against the Mets, an unassuming Braves relief pitcher named Rick Camp smacked a two-out solo home run to send the game into the nineteenth.

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