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Stranger Things New Coke how does it taste?

New Coke is back, thanks to Stranger Things. Does it taste as bad as we think?

As a promotion for season three of Stranger Things, Coca-Cola is selling limited edition cans of New Coke—yes, the actual New Coke formula that spurred so much outrage in 1985—online. Does it really taste that bad?
National Center for Civil and Human Rights

The Center for Civil and Human Rights is free until the end of February, thanks to a Coca-Cola grant

The Coca-Cola Foundation provided a $1 million dollar grant to downtown's National Center for Civil and Human Rights, the next-door neighbor of its own World of Coke museum, that will allow free admission to the center for anyone now through the end of February.

Coca-Cola debuts eco-friendly PlantBottle

So distinctive it can be recognized by touch, the Coca-Cola bottle was originally crafted from glass dyed “Georgia Green.” It just got greener: At the World Expo in Milan this June, Coke debuted its first 100 percent plant-based PET plastic bottle.

X marks the spot: 4 unique Atlanta beginnings

We mapped out 4 important Atlanta hotspots, including where Coke began, where the Peachtree streets started their reign, and more.

“Citizen Coke” explores Coca-Cola’s enviromental impact

In this month’s Citizen Coke: The Making of Coca-Cola Capitalism (W.W. Norton), Elmore, an Atlanta native who “grew up drinking Coke every day,” traces the history (and mythology) of Coke through its supply chain. The research took him from 350 boxes in Emory University’s archives to India (water) and Peru (coca leaves).

Now that Surge is back, here are 6 Coke drinks we’d like to see resurrected

Today Coke announced that it is finally caving to the Internet masses that have been clamoring for the return of Surge, the caffeine-laced citrus soda with angsty attitude (it’s name is a verb!).

Coke’s hefty problem, Nunn’s memos, and ATL’s “world-class” label

Claire Suddath in Bloomberg Businessweek on Coke's sales and health concerns Newsflash: Sugary soda makes you fat. Plus, aspartame, the sweetener in diet soft drinks, is a scary, unknown abomination (or so says the Internet...

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