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How a tragedy inspired an Atlantan to start baking—and open this cookie franchise, coming to Roswell

At 22, Lizzy Bullock unexpectedly became a mother when she took custody of her nephew after her sister and brother-in-law were killed. To forge a relationship with him and remind him of his mother—who had loved to bake—Bullock began making chocolate chip cookies with the 3-year-old every Sunday. Years later, Bullock noticed the cookie renaissance happening in the chain world with shops like Crumble, Tiff’s Treats, Insomnia, and others opening locations nationwide. She tried Dirty Dough—a stuffed cookie company based in Arizona—and decided to invest.
Sugar Bowl Bakery

Behind conveyor belts at Sugar Bowl Bakery, a diverse group of workers with stories to tell

Sugar Bowl was founded in 1984 by Andrew Ly and his four brothers, who’d left Vietnam by boat, eventually making their way to California. They worked odd jobs until buying their own bakery in San Francisco, and have been growing their business ever since. Today the company’s line revolves around four main products: palmiers, apple fritters, madeleines, and brownie bites, which it sells to major retailers including Walmart, Kroger, and Trader Joe’s.
Ghoul Next Door Bakeshop Atlanta

Ghoul Next Door Bakeshop serves spooky cookies year-round

Ana Arriaga decided to give her online bakery a ghoulish theme, but Ghoul Next Door offers its treats year-round and sells cookies and custom cakes online and at pop-ups at breweries, coffee shops, and markets around the city.

Tower Treats boasts gooey, half-pound cookies

Tower's dense, gooey, peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies were inspired by NYC's Levain cookies. Owner Kerry Anna Stallings moved from New York to Atlanta during the pandemic and spent her spare time baking. “I’ve always had a big sweet tooth, and New York is really big on oversized cookie culture. I decided to perfect my own version,” she says.
Here's where you'll find Atlanta's best pastries (and breads!)

The sweet side of town: Our guide to Atlanta’s best pastries (and breads!)

We celebrate the city’s finest, from bejeweled macarons to no-frills doughnuts, flatbreads to cornbreads, gooey Filipino blondies to fancy Rice Krispie treats, Korean cream breads to French fruit tarts—and everything in between.
Essential Atlanta pastries

The essential elements of Atlanta pastry

Creamy, flaky, fancy, red, green, vegan, Brazilian—whatever kind of treat you’re looking for, here’s where to find it.
Atlanta custom cookies

Six Atlanta cookie bakers who will help you win the holidays

Need cookies for a holiday party or cookie exchange? These under-the-radar Atlanta bakers offer everything from custom designs to gluten-free and vegan options to kosher treats.
Henri's Bakery & Deli Atlanta

Henri’s Bakery celebrates 90 years this weekend with 90 cent po’ boys

On September 28, Henri's Bakery will celebrate its 90th anniversary with sandwich specials, cookie decorating, and more. Owner Anthony DiNardo reflects on nine decades and what's next for Henri's.
Molly Brodak Great American Baking Show

A fondant swan cake helped land Atlanta’s Molly Brodak on the Great American Baking Show

A three-dimensional swan, a lemon pepper-flavored portrait of Killer Mike, and six near-identical cookies decorated likes mermaids complete with iridescent golden seashell bras—these are just a handful of the creations Molly Brodak has whipped up in her kitchen this year.

At Atlanta’s Sweet, Sweet Syria supper club, recent refugees show off a taste of home

Ruwaida and Khaled, recent refugees from Syria, dream of opening their own restaurant someday. For now, their Sweet, Sweet Syria supper club serves up an immense feast of spiced chicken, kibbeh, and baba ghanoush, not to mention spectacular cookies.

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