Ghoul Next Door Bakeshop serves spooky cookies year-round

Find them online and at pop-ups around Atlanta

Scream-themed cupcakes

Courtesy of Ghoul Next Door

Ghoul Next Door Bakeshop founder Ana Arriaga considers herself “a bit of a weirdo.”

“I’m an introvert. I’ve always been into darker stuff,” she says. “I grew up around The Lost Boys and The Dark Crystal—that darker but still childlike genre.”

So, she decided to give her online bakery a ghoulish theme. But Ghoul Next Door (a play on girl next door) is not a seasonal business. Arriaga bakes year-round and sells cookies and custom cakes online and at pop-ups at breweries, coffee shops, and markets around the city.

From left: Peach Gobbler, the Banshee, Cinnamon Ghost Crunch, Cult Classic, Peanut Butter Massacre

Courtesy of Ghoul Next Door

Decorated vanilla sugar cookies

Courtesy of Ghoul Next Door

She has six signature half-pound cookies in flavors like “Peanut Butter Massacre” and “the Count” (triple chocolate), plus monthly specials like the churro-inspired “Cinnamon Ghost Crunch” and bacon bourbon toffee-laden “American Psycho.” Each cookie is named for a spooky movie or theme. February saw “My Bloody Valentine” (raspberry white chocolate), April featured “Bunnicula,” and December boasted “Coal Hearted.” The cookies come pre-packaged for $6-$7 each.

Arriaga moved from Orlando to Atlanta in 2020 and couldn’t find a job due to the pandemic. A self-taught baker, she started selling to neighbors in East Point, then built a website, and her business grew from there. Today, she offers delivery, nationwide shipping, and pickup on Saturday afternoons at Beer Girl, Growlers & Bottleshop in Hapeville.

Front: Basic Witch (spice latte cookie), Center: Monster Smash (oatmeal chocolate chip)

Courtesy of Ghoul Next Door

She’s also looking for a place to set down roots. “I have a spooky-themed setup,” she says. “I want to have a more immersive experience in my brick and mortar.”

Can’t figure out how you know her name? Ghoul was recently featured at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival.

Decorated vanilla sugar cookie

Courtesy of Ghoul Next Door