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75 Best Restaurants in Atlanta: The General Muir

The General Muir

In seven years, the General Muir has become indispensable for its upscale Jewish deli–inspired menu.

Döner kebap sandwiches arrive in Emory Village

Georgia-based chain KEBA (pronounced Kay-Bah) specializes in a spin-off of döner kebap, a type of Turkish sandwich you can find on nearly every street corner in Germany.
Double Zero Emory Village

Exclusive: Double Zero opens in Emory Village on September 6 with a brand new menu

After five years in Sandy Springs, Double Zero Napoletana closed its doors earlier this month. Now, the restaurant is set to re-open in a new space (formerly Ink & Elm) in Emory Village, with a new name and a new menu to boot.

Can Double Zero Napoletana re-energize Emory Village?

Emory Village has developed a reputation for being a notoriously difficult area for restaurants. But that's not stopping Fred Castellucci, who is relocating Double Zero Napoletana from Sandy Springs.

Ink & Elm

When designed-to-the-hilt Ink & Elm came on the radar in early September, an immediate reaction echoed through Atlanta’s food circles: A fine-dining restaurant opened in Emory Village? The college district that thrives on cheapo chains and joints dispensing pancakes and tacos now boasts a gourmet bastion with valet parking? Whoa. Its very existence seemed to mock the memory of Everybody’s Pizza, the populist favorite that dwelled a few doors up and closed in March after forty-one years.


Settle into a table and immediately ask for a cup of the unusually fine coffee supplied by local roasting company Counter Culture.

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