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Mary Lucille’s Bakery, Restaurant, and Tea Room bring Southern nostalgia to Cumming City Center

Mary Lucille’s Bakery, Restaurant, and Tea Room bring Southern nostalgia to Cumming City Center

The 5,000-square-foot space looks like an old Victorian house with a patio and serves to pay homage to the owner Jill Harris's grandmother, Mary Lucille. “She taught me to bake at age 8. She’s the reason I love food,” Harris explains. Much of the food is made using her original recipes, including cinnamon rolls and pies. Patrons can purchase items to-go from the bakery, from bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits to baguettes to brownies.

Crooked Culture Brewing boasts 14 brews at Cumming City Center

Crooked Culture owner Patrick Leonard has been brewing beer for 20 years. He’d be home-brewing in his garage and notice the police come by “and do the slow roll. My neighbors thought I was doing something shady or illegal,” he says. So when he finally opened his own brewery—along with business partner Nick Estes—in early November 2023, he named it Crooked Culture. Located in the new Cumming City Center, Crooked Culture is designed to be a social space.
What's the state of book bans in Georgia schools?

What’s the state of book bans in Georgia schools?

Challenges to school library books aren’t new, but in recent years they’ve become a flash point in the larger battle over how we tell the story of America, particularly to children. So far, So far, Georgia’s seen fewer book bans than some other states like Florida and Texas, but we’ve seen plenty of controversy over who reads what. Here’s the latest in the fight over books in Georgia schools.
Room Envy

Room Envy: A new home with a “granny chic” bathroom

This Cumming house may be new, but designer Lisa Gabrielson gave it a “granny chic” look, notably in this primary suite bathroom. “We went for a restful approach, with muted colors and materials like you’d find in an old farmhouse,” she says.
Georgia's 2022 midterm election ballot questions, explained

Georgia’s 2022 midterm election ballot questions, explained

Curious about those ballot questions this midterm? Here’s what they mean, from constitutional amendments to the City of Atlanta special referendum.
Atlanta Press Club Debates Georgia 6th Congressional District

Candidates spar over healthcare, inflation at 6th District Congressional debate, while Lucy McBath skips 7th District debate

The Atlanta Press Club held debates for Georgia's 6th and 7th Congressional Districts on Sunday, where Republican Rich McCormick and Democrat Bob Christian sparred over who could best represent the 6th, and Republican Mark Gonsalves had 15 minutes to himself to discuss his platforms after Democrat Lucy McBath declined to show.
50 Ways to Play Outside in Atlanta

50 Ways to Play Outside in Atlanta and Beyond

Time to get outside and play! From basketball to fishing to hiking to hanging out in a hammock, here's 50 great things to do outdoors around Atlanta.
Winners Circle Park Forsyth County

Dynamic sports, dining complex bound for Georgia’s fastest-growing county

Winners Circle Park, a fusion of dining and basically every sport outside of auto racing and boxing, is expected to break ground in Forsyth County by late summer. The privately funded project is expected to cost upwards of $150 million.

Cattle Shed Wine & Steak Bar joins the lineup at Halcyon

Expect seasonal steaks from Stone Mountain Cattle Co., along with cheeses and charcuterie, chicken, gnocchi, a burger, and trout.

Who lives in Atlanta? Who will be here in the future? A look at the data

Race has always been the throughline in every significant discussion about Atlanta, but as the metro area grows ever more diverse, the story is much more than black and white

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