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Review: Whoopsie's

Review: Spend a very happy hour at Whoopsie’s

Take me to a minuscule bar with clever low-budget decor, shove a one-page menu under my nose that doesn’t look like typical pub fare, and I am sure to fall in love before even tasting anything. Whoopsie’s, recently opened in Reynoldstown, checks all the boxes, playful and serious in equal proportion: a sparse 40 seats, lots of thrift-store finds and reclaimed furniture, lights turned way down low.
75 Best Restaurants in Atlanta: Rising Son

Rising Son

When Hudson Rouse, formerly of Home Grown, and his wife, Kathryn Fitzgerald Rouse, opened this creative meat-and-three for breakfast and lunch in 2016, the crowds flocked.
75 Best Restaurants in Atlanta: Rising Son

49. Rising Son

When Hudson Rouse, formerly of Home Grown, and his wife, Kathryn Fitzgerald Rouse, opened this earnest meat-and-three for breakfast and lunch almost two years ago, crowds flocked.

Ready, set, nest! A ton of new home and decor stores have sprung up in Atlanta

Atlantans can be quite the enthusiastically domesticated bunch—we brag about our neighborhoods, we treasure our houses, we celebrate our designers and architects, and we decorate with prescient delight. Retailers have taken note, responding in kind with an explosion of new home and decor stores ready to feed our voracious appetite for stylish living.
Paletas, not pops

The Christiane Chronicles: Pops have nothing on paletas

Well before the King of Pops elevated the ice pop to an unprecedented (and expensive) gourmet status, modest shops were making frozen treats by hand all over Atlanta’s Hispanic neighborhoods.
Best of Atlanta 2016

Modern Meat-and-Three: Rising Son

It’s a family affair for chef Hudson Rouse and his wife, Kathryn Fitzgerald Rouse, who opened this cozy spot in the spring.

Rising Son chef Hudson Rouse on fancy Southern food: “I don’t think there’s a place for expensive fried chicken”

Rising Son chef Hudson Rouse discusses the problem with fancy fried chicken, farming, and how he met his wife, craft soda queen Kathryn Fitzgerald Rouse.

Ration & Dram to open first week in March

Andy Minchow, known for his cocktail prowess at Holeman & Finch, is opening a restaurant and bar the first week in March. Ration & Dram will focus on Southern-style international cuisine made with local ingredients. With the exception of seafood, all of the food will be sourced within a 180-mile radius.

Discovery: Two Friends Import Company

In wine retailing, knowledgeable buyers are forever looking for the sweet spot—a special bottle costing between $11 and $17 that displays impressive character. Buyers collect even more cool points if they are early adopters of relatively obscure grapes from countries not yet widely known for producing wine.

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