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Entrepreneurship is changing. So are Atlanta's entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is changing. So are Atlanta’s entrepreneurs.

They’re not just tech founders and CEOs. Atlantans are launching businesses as ceramicists, farmers, influencers, and more.
Michael Sterling

How Atlanta’s most dysfunctional city agency turned its act around

Roughly twice as many people on average are finding employment through the agency each month.

Where the Jobs Will Be

Job growth, salaries, and a few local companies who are hiring now.

Three resources for enriching your skill sets

Want to upgrade your career but not go back to earn a new degree? Here are three resources for learning specific skills to help yourself get ahead.

Expert advice for your career conundrums

Answers to questions about social media presence, money, coding, and entering the job market for the first time.

Atlanta employees just kinda content

Do you wake up each morning so darn happy to go to work? Atlanta is just "meh" on a new survey of overall worker contentment.

Georgia not a dangerous place to work

For the most part, it's not all that dangerous to work in Georgia. We're not a state filled with fishers and loggers (two of the deadliest careers), so maybe that's why we're smack dab in the middle of a new study citing the most dangerous states in which to work.

Launching Forward Atlanta (again)

Why mess, as they say, with success? That’s the apparent philosophy of civic boosters, who will reincarnate the Forward Atlanta marketing campaign the Chamber of Commerce first debuted in the 1920s.

Future Forecast

Move over, baby boomers. Change is coming, thanks to a surge in millennials—aka Generations X and Y.

The Rules of Catchout Corner

Why they call it Catchout Corner: I don’t know. They also call it Job Corner.

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