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How Atlantans celebrate Diwali

Known as the “Festival of Lights,” Diwali is a time when worshippers light clay lamps to celebrate the inner glow that repels spiritual darkness. Celebrations are rooted in traditions of oral storytelling and joyful revelry, including mounds of decadent treats, festive finery, and fireworks. For many, it represents their faith in the goodness of humanity.
Kinokuniya Atlanta Johns Creek

Kinokuniya, metro Atlanta’s new Japanese bookstore, is a delightful place to shop for unique gifts

A new Japanese bookstore in Johns Creek is much more than a haven for anime and manga fans—it’s a perfect gift shop for artists, animal lovers, and writers. Here are a few of our favorite finds.
Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and Heritage Center

In Johns Creek, a refuge for injured wildlife

This spring, 10 baby possums arrived by cardboard box to a newly opened wildlife rescue center in Johns Creek. The now nine-week-old joeys had been in their mother’s marsupium when she was killed by a car. Here, state-licensed wildlife rehabilitator Jess Legato gives one of them water with a syringe.

Seven Sisters Kitchen expands in Johns Creek

Formerly Seven Sisters Scones, Seven Sisters Kitchen recently expanded its Johns Creek space to welcome additional diners for breakfast and lunch. Originally opened as a scone shop, Seven Sisters tweaked the concept a few years ago, creating a welcoming cafe where full meals are served (in addition to pastries). Recently, owner Farrah Haidar—one of seven sisters—leased the space next door, making room for 40 extra seats inside.
Chattahoochee River

A flurry of new plans will make the Chattahoochee more accessible in metro Atlanta

“When you get below Peachtree Creek, access to the river kind of stops,” says George Dusenbury, a vice president and the Georgia state director of the Trust for Public Land. “Communities in West Atlanta, South Cobb, South Fulton, and Douglas County don’t have the same access that exists in the north.” But that’s about to change, due to a flurry of new plans to expand opportunities to hike, pedal, paddle, and even camp along Atlanta’s iconic river.
Thai Tea-ña Colada at Talat Market

Love letters to the Atlanta meals, restaurants, groceries, and drinks that sustain us

Comforting takoyaki at Daisuki Sushi Izakaya, a home away from home at the General Muir, freezer isle parathas, the colorful Thai Tea-ña Colada at Talat Market, and more favorites from across the metro
Cloudland Coffee

How Cloudland Coffee’s owner turned her roasting hobby into a career

A loud whirring fills the work area of Cloudland Coffee in Johns Creek. The noise is coming from a fluid bed roaster; inside it, moss-hued coffee beans hop around a field of hot air as their color darkens to a familiar brown. Standing around five feet tall, owner Kristina Madh handles 150-pound burlap bags with ease, scooping coffee beans into a bucket headed for the roaster.
Agora Vintage

Reselling luxury clothing and accessories is more popular than ever

In August, Airee Edwards, owner of Agora Vintage in Athens, had Covid—no problem: She just sold a red Hermès Birkin bag on Instagram Live for $9,900. The work-from-home era hasn’t stopped the growing demand for luxury preowned goods, especially in Atlanta, where you can now find a local “concierge” consignment boutique, Jerrimiah James, and a national luxury reseller, the RealReal, just steps away from Hermès itself in Buckhead.
50 Ways to Play Outside in Atlanta

50 Ways to Play Outside in Atlanta and Beyond

Time to get outside and play! From basketball to fishing to hiking to hanging out in a hammock, here's 50 great things to do outdoors around Atlanta.
The verdict on 5 new Atlanta restaurants: Che Butter Jonez, the Continent, Drawbar, the Abby Singer, Daisuki Sushi Izakaya

The verdict on 5 new Atlanta restaurants: Che Butter Jonez, the Continent, Drawbar, the Abby Singer, Daisuki Sushi Izakaya

Che Butter Jonez opens a brick-and-mortar, Scotley Innis lands on BuHi, the Interlock development gets its first restaurant, the Abby Singer offers Midwestern fare, and Daisuki serves fresh sushi in Johns Creek

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