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Atlanta authors new books this summer

The Atlanta authors you need to be reading this summer

You don't have to look far to find the perfect page-turner for your beach read this year. Seven female authors with Atlanta ties have new novels —and one thing their books share in common is a strong, complicated female protagonist. Here’s what the authors have to say about their new books and the writing life.
Beach reads

5 local beach reads you need this summer

Small town mysteries, YA rom-coms, suspenseful crime fiction—get lost in a good book while you're lost in paradise

6 Questions for Joshilyn Jackson

Joshilyn Jackson discusses this year's Decatur Book Festival, what she read growing up, and her next novel.
Spring books

Spring reading: 5 new books by Georgia authors to toss in your suitcase

Five books to pack along to the beach or the park, including new titles from Joshilyn Jackson, Phillip DePoy, and more.
Trudy Nan Boyce

A retired APD officer is turning her 27-year career into novels

Beat cop, homicide detective, special victims unit officer, police lieutenant, crisis negotiator—Trudy Nan Boyce did it all in her 27-year career with the Atlanta Police Department. And during her retirement, she’s turning her experiences into crime thriller fodder.

Call to Prayer: The Monastery of the Holy Spirit

It sounds like the beginning of a dirty joke: “A lady novelist walks into a monastery . . .” but I am very serious about spending the weekend sleeping, meditating, singing, and praying with forty near-silent, white-robed, celibate men.

Townsend Prize: Ten Georgia books vie for the venerable award

Every other year since 1982, Peach State literati have collaborated to determine which Georgia books are deserving of the Townsend Prize, an award that honors great writing (and, incidentally, is named for *Atlanta* magazine’s founding editor, Jim Townsend).

Ten best books of 2013

Featuring the works of John Lewis, Joshilyn Jackson, Charles McNair, Susan Rebecca White, and others.

Joshilyn Jackson on her latest novel, “Someone Else’s Love Story”

Joshilyn Jackson has always called herself a “small” writer, more interested in people and relationships than huge themes. But increasingly, big ideas keep creeping into her work. *Someone Else’s Love Story* (William Morrow) includes a virgin birth, a sacrifice, and a resurrection—along with lesser everyday miracles that raise questions about destiny, loss, human connections, and faith itself.

The Promises We Keep

On my mother’s sixteenth birthday, my dad gave her a silver promise ring with a single pearl. Two years later, he spent every penny of his paper route savings on a one-carat Tiffany diamond set in platinum.

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