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Waffle House

What makes celebrities flock to Waffle House?

In early December, Kobe Bryant’s season-long farewell to the NBA came through Atlanta, where the Lakers lost to the Hawks. Where did he and his wife dine, post-game? No, not Restaurant Eugene.

Ford Fry signs on as Justin Bieber’s personal chef

In a rather strange turn of events, executive chef and restaurateur Ford Fry—the man behind St. Cecilia, King Duke, the Optimist, No. 246, and JCT Kitchen—has signed on as Justin Bieber’s personal chef for the next three months.

Do we really want Justin Bieber to move back to the ATL?

After egging his neighbor’s house in Los Angeles, reportedly drag racing a Lamborghini while under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs, and illegally spray-painting a building in Rio, Justin Bieber may be moving to Buckhead.

Apparently the von Trapps (yes, as in “doe, a deer”) have been hanging around the ATL

Well, we all know Justin Bieber got his start thanks to Atlanta's star-grooming machine. But the great grandkids of Captain Georg von Trapp? Turns out Sophi, 24, Melanie, 22, Amanda, 21, and August, 18—What? no Liesl or Friedrich?—have been in town working with vocal coach Jan Smith, whose client roster includes the Biebs, Usher, and Rob Thomas. Although we were hoping for goatherds and edelweiss, the video of the von Trapps and another family band, Alpharetta's Von Grey, doing the folky "Crying Bloody Water" in studio is kind of adorable.

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