Ford Fry signs on as Justin Bieber’s personal chef

Cites mutual love of music
Chef Ford Fry

Photo by Richie Arpino

In a rather strange turn of events, executive chef and restaurateur Ford Fry—the man behind St. Cecilia, King Duke, the Optimist, No. 246, and JCT Kitchen—has signed on as Justin Bieber’s personal chef for the next three months.

“I love music, and Bieber gets it,” Fry says. “The first time I cooked for him and his friends, it turned into a jam session.”

Fry says he’ll be prepping the meals while Bieber and his crew get settled into their new home in Buckhead. Bieber moved to Atlanta from L.A. last month.

Bieber first approached Fry after sampling the pasta at Decatur’s No. 246. His order? Squid ink spaghetti—hold the squid ink—and the No. 246 meatball. Bieber’s people could not be reached for comment, but sources say that the star has been keen to explore Atlanta’s dining scene.

Fry says he was initially hesitant to work with Bieber, but later convinced himself that the experience would be worth it. “I have kids myself,” Fry says. “They’re Beliebers. I guess I’m one now, too.”

The spirit of Bieber’s personal menu, according to Fry, will channel “adolescent sentiments” and “general angst.” Think dark chocolate cotton candy made with Peruvian cocoa powder, Lil’ PB&J brownies, deep-dish pimento cheese pizza, and “Gangnam Style” charcuterie. (Fry would not elaborate on this dish.)

In exchange for his personal chef services, Fry—who plays the guitar as part of Five Bone Rack band—will get to open for Bieber at his next Atlanta concert. The duo is reportedly working on a special set that will be released on opening day at Superica, Fry’s Krog Street Market Mex-Tex restaurant.

Might there be a Bieber-Fry tour in the works?

Never say never.

This article was originally posted on April 1, 2014, as part of April Fool’s Day.