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Atlanta Grocery Guide

Your metro Atlanta grocery guide: 90+ stores to explore

Consider this your ultimate directory of neighborhood markets, gourmet and specialty shops, butchers, international grocers, and national and regional retailers.
Disco Kroger Mural

Though the physical store nears its demise, “Disco Kroger” will never truly die

“No matter what you put there, it will always be a landmark.”
How to get Covid-19 vaccine Atlanta Georgia

Trying to get a Covid-19 vaccine in Georgia? Follow these tips.

How do you get a Covid-19 vaccine in Georgia? It can be daunting and confusing, but never fear—here's a quick guide of which websites to go to, who is offering the shots, how to get your second dose scheduled, what to do if all the sites are booked, and what to do if you want a certain vaccine.
Governor Brian Kemp

Atlanta’s latest coronavirus updates: Thursday, April 2

On Wednesday, the governor finally gave the long-awaited call to issue a shelter in place order for the entire state. Here’s your Thursday morning update:

Which is the right sparkling wine for your party?

Is there any party that can’t be instantly improved by the sound of a cork popping for sparkling wine? But not all bubbles are created equally: you might want the best champagne or a rowdy midnight toast with Solo cups. To help you plan, we sat down with sommelier Steven Grubbs, wine director at Empire State South, for a blind tasting of four sparkling wines.
Atlanta snow 2017

Snow coming to Atlanta? Everyone to the Kroger, quickly!

Because the entire city needs milk and bread. Right now.

What you’ll find at the giant Glenwood Kroger

A new Kroger Marketplace opened recently near Grant Park and Ormewood Park, featuring, expanded take-out options, a Starbucks, kitchen and household items, an automotive aisle, and even a bar. Here's what we found when we went exploring.

Atlanta Must Reads for the Week: the return of highway protests, a gentrifying grocer, and a beginner’s guide to Newt Gingrich

The best stories each week about Atlanta, from Atlanta-based writers, and beyond.

Murder Kroger’s rebranding exercise

Disco. Hipster. Kosher. Murder. Atlantans have a penchant for nicknaming their Kroger stores. That last moniker was bestowed on the Ponce de Leon Avenue location after a deadly 1991 shooting in its parking lot. The name has stuck; there’s even a Twitter handle.

Does the “Disco” Kroger have the city’s best wine selection?

One doesn’t think of Kroger for its inventory of top-shelf Bordeaux and magnums of rose Champagne, but just off the intersection of Piedmont and Peachtree, one Kroger has got the cru.

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