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Who killed J.R. Ewing (again)?

The Ewings descend on an el cheapo hotel south of the border in the opening moments of tonight's tribute to Larry Hagman on TNT's Dallas at9 p.m. Oil man patriarch J.R. Ewing was supposed to be in Abu Dhabi cutting a business deal. So why is his bullet-riddled body in a Mexican morgue?

Patrick Duffy of TNT’s Dallas discusses life on Southfork without J.R.

Just a handful of episodes into shooting the second season of TNT's successful reboot of "Dallas" on location in Texas last fall, the primetime soap's iconic star Larry Hagman unexpectedly died after a long battle with cancer. Since J.R. Ewing is hardwired into the drama's DNA, Hagman's passing left a hole the size of The Lone Star State itself in the show's storyline. The actor's longtime cast mates Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray, meanwhile, were left to eulogize their friend both in real life and grieve on screen.

At 80, Larry Hagman remains devilish as J.R. scores a scheming son in TNT’s Dallas relaunch

TNT pulls off the seemingly impossible with its stylish relaunch of the “Dallas” franchise debuting Wednesday night at 9 p.m.on the Atlanta-based basic cable drama network — it immediately sucks you back into the original show’s nonsensical whirlpool of greed, illicit affairs, oil and real estate. But it’s a guilty pleasure with a legacy and soul.

Hagman, Duffy, Gray spawn a new generation of family dysfunction in reboot of “Dallas”

Good news, Ewing family fight fans. If the 1 minute and 6 second sneak peek of next summer's TNT reboot of "Dallas" is any indication, sibling rivalry and imploding family units remain the chief export of Ewing Oil, even in the age of "Dr. Phil."

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