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What’s new in Atlanta podcasts: 6 shows to listen to

What’s new in Atlanta podcasts: 6 shows to listen to

From sports to comedy, politics to music, the Atlanta podcast scene is booming. Here’s what happening in the local podcast scene, including new productions and the latest on recurring favorites.
"Smart conversation is what matters most": Veteran broadcaster Bill Nigut talks joining the Politically Georgia podcast 

“Smart conversation is what matters most”: Veteran broadcaster Bill Nigut talks joining the Politically Georgia podcast 

Bill Nigut is the highly regarded former host of Georgia Public Broadcast (GPB) political talk show Political Rewind, and the new role comes at an interesting time. In June, GPB announced Political Rewind was set to sunset at the end of June, disappointing longtime listeners. This fall, he returns to airwaves to co-host the Politically Georgia podcast alongside the AJC’s award-winning reporters, Greg Bluestein, Patricia Murphy, and Tia Mitchell.
A new podcast examines how an Alabama reform school functioned more like a prison farm for Black kids

A new podcast examines an Alabama reform school that functioned more like a prison farm for Black kids

Unreformed, hosted by Atlanta journalist Josie Duffy Rice, unearths how things went horrifically wrong at the Alabama Industrial School for Negro Children during the first half of the 20th century
Tara Roberts Into the Depths

National Geographic Explorer and podcaster Tara Roberts on diving for slave shipwrecks

Tara Roberts spent the last few years following and diving with Black scuba divers as they document slave shipwrecks around the world. She retold those stories in her six-part podcast series, Into the Depths, and, in the process, found a way to honor the lives of lost ancestors
Gaining Ground podcast

A new podcast explains Georgia’s current political climate by those who know it best: actual Georgians

Now that Georgia has captivated national attention, who better to explain this political phenomenon than the residents and journalists who have been living and working here? That was the primary goal of Gaining Ground: The New Georgia, a five-part podcast hosted by Atlanta natives Rembert Browne and Jewel Wicker.
Erin Swenson

When Erin Swenson transitioned in the 90s, a close vote kept her ordained as Presbyterian minister. Her new podcast tells her story.

Erin Swenson was the first Presbyterian minister to transition and remain ordained. Her new podcast, So Much More than Gender, shares her story.
Shots in the Back Podcast

A new GPB podcast about the 1970 Augusta Riot has a message for today

Shots in the Back: Exhuming the 1970 Augusta Riot has been years in the making for Sea Stachura, but the content of the podcast is as timely and relevant as ever.
Atlanta Podcasts

20 Atlanta podcasts to add to your queue

From politics and hip-hop to soccer in the Dirty South, here are 20 podcasts to offer some respite from COVID news and quarantine—all recorded and/or produced in Atlanta and described by their hosts
Donald Albright

How Donald Albright became Atlanta’s podcast kingmaker

Five years ago, Donald Albright was feeling burned out, struggling to find his place as an underappreciated player in Atlanta’s cutthroat hip-hop scene. As it turns out, the hustle he honed in the music business served him even better in the podcast one.
The Fall Line

The Fall Line: Two podcasting sleuths revisit the cases of abducted Grady newborns

The Fall Line is investigating the cases of seven Grady newborns who went missing decades ago—two of whom were never found. Inspired other true-crime dramas like Serial, Laurah Norton, a writer and Georgia State University senior lecturer, and Brooke Gently-Hargrove, a grief counselor, launched the true-crime serial podcast last year, which has since racked up 2.3 million listens.

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