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John Lewis, an avid stamp collector, honored with his own USPS forever stamp during an emotional Atlanta ceremony

John Lewis, an avid stamp collector, honored with his own USPS Forever Stamp during an emotional ceremony

Like the rest of John Lewis’s life, the First Day of Issue Dedication Ceremony for his United States Postal Service Forever stamp, held Friday afternoon at the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel at Morehouse College, proved emotional, inspirational, and educational.
Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens

The New Mayor: Andre Dickens comes to the job calculating and confident

Andre Dickens is still acquainting himself with his job as mayor of Atlanta. But his mission is clear: Fight crime, produce affordable housing—which, experts say, would help prevent crime—and create good-paying jobs (another noted crime deterrent). Simply put, he must make Atlanta safer and more equitable.
Alicia Philipp

Alicia Philipp recognizes the fix for Atlanta’s vast inequity—but you might not want to hear it

After four decades of leading the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, Alicia Philipp is stepping down with a call for innovative, systemic, and drastic change.
PARKatlanta ticket

The end is nigh for PARKatlanta—now what?

PARKatlanta: “We want to be here. This is home for us. We take pride in what we do. We’d be a viable solution [for the next contract].”

Éminences grises: 12 trailblazers who helped shape Atlanta

Including Roy Barnes, Shirley Franklin, Sam Massell, and more
Cabral Franklin

Farewell to Cabral Franklin

“He was doer of deeds, and a shaper of society; a champion of the people and the issues he believed in."

Atlanta’s true Olympic legacy: Not brick, mortar, or granite

Between three syllables uttered on September 18, 1990, everything changed in Atlanta, and so did our city’s place in the world.

The Outkast #ATLast experience was more than just three concerts

More than 60,000 people attended the three concerts held in Centennial Olympic Park, according to Pat O’Brien of the promotions group Bowery Presents South. The economic impact to the city has not been tallied, but attendees took over surrounding downtown hotels, restaurants, and bars, paid handsomely for parking, bought T-shirts, and took plenty of $13.50 rides on the Ferris wheel.

Shirley Franklin

Given that Mayor Franklin’s motto was “Ask not what the city can do for you, but what you can do for the city,” it’s fitting that she won a Kennedy Library Foundation Profiles in Courage award.

Shirley Franklin, Sewer Mayor

The self-proclaimed "sewer mayor" is fearless fighting to fix the city. No wonder she's the best thing to happen to Atlanta.

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