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Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl LI

Everything you need to know about the Atlanta Falcons

A quick primer to help you fit in at any Super Bowl Sunday soiree.
Arthur Blank

Q&A: How Arthur Blank is feeling 10 days before Super Bowl LI

Arthur Blank knows his 31-year-old quarterback, Matt Ryan, so well that the two men often text each other, but even he was surprised last night when he saw Ryan told Pro Football Talk that he'd like to still be playing at Tom Brady’s age of 39. “Matt never told me that, so it made my night.”
George R.R. Martin

For the Super Bowl, George R.R. Martin is an unlikely Falcons fan

Say what you will about the Atlanta Falcons, but they have some pretty great celebrity fans: Samuel L. Jackson, Usher, Big Boi, the Carters, and . . . George R.R. Martin?

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