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Thoughts on a half-century of Falcons heartbreak

The night the losing finally ended only to come roaring back once again, there was a quiet peace inside one man’s house out in Roswell. Yes, the night Atlanta almost won the Super Bowl—finally shaking off that dubious nickname of Loserville—and somehow still lost the Super Bowl, life went on. If only, perhaps, because that man knows the hounding howl of disappointment better than most.
Free Tile Atlanta

Want a Tile? The company is passing out 51,000 trackers to Atlanta Falcons fans on Friday

Sick of losing something worse than a Super Bowl? Here's how you can snag a free Tile on Friday.
Zoo Atlanta Tom Brady cockroach

Losing a bet, Zoo Atlanta names a baby cockroach after Tom Brady

Zoo Atlanta lost a bet to Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island and had to name one of their baby animals after, ew, Tom Brady. Falcons fans will be thrilled to find out that baby animal was a Madagascar hissing cockroach.
Dugans Atlanta Super Bowl LI

Super Bowl LI was a good game. Let’s remember that.

When Pastor Troy’s “No Mo Play in GA” started playing inside Dugans, everyone chanted along with the chorus: “We ready, we ready.” An elderly man who had, up until that moment, been calmly enjoying his cigar, leapt to his feet and swayed, punctuating his moves with flicks of his wrists.
Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl loss

The Atlanta Falcons are uplifting and frustrating—and I love them

I moved to Atlanta from Indianapolis in July 2007, just months after the Colts won their first Super Bowl victory. A week later, Michael Vick was indicted. I traded a dynasty for a laughingstock. But hope arrived when Matt Ryan was drafted in 2008.
Arthur Blank Super Bowl LI

Two days before Super Bowl, Arthur Blank is as cool as can be

This Sunday, Arthur Blank's team could finally win its first Lombardi Trophy. Is the longtime Atlanta Falcons owner nervous? “No. I’m anxious for Sunday to get here.”

Wacky, tacky, and just plain cool Atlanta Falcons merch

If there ever were a time to stock up on ridiculous or expensive Falcons merch, it’s now. It’s easy to find a boring old hat and jersey, but you can’t just waltz into a Superbowl party (or, gasp, host one) with rookie gear.
Houston Super Bowl

The Atlanta baller’s guide to Super Bowl LI

It’s Super Bowl weekend. Your beloved Atlanta Falcons have made it the big game. You’re following them to Houston, and money is no object. Here's how to really live it up at Super Bowl LI.

5 essential Texan foods for your Super Bowl tailgate party in Houston

Going to Houston this weekend for Super Bowl LI? When in Texas, do as the Texans do. Upgrade your tailgate with these five local foods.
Where to watch the Super Bowl in Atlanta

Where to watch the Super Bowl in Atlanta

Where can you watch the Atlanta Falcons play in Super Bowl LI? Here are the restaurants and bars who are hosting watch parties and specials.

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