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Jeff Dauler

The Bert Show’s Jeff Dauler takes on stand-up comedy

The Bert Show's Jeff Dauler decided to try stand-up comedy after a lunch with Jeff Foxworthy. Now, he's opening for comedians like Joel McHale and has his own show coming up on June 12 at Eddie's Attic.

Exclusive: Q100’s Jenn Hobby discusses her departure from Bert Show

After a long holiday weekend filled with speculation from Q100 listeners, Bert Show cast member Jenn Hobby announced on-air Monday morning that she will exit the popular morning show next month. In an exclusive interview with Atlanta magazine Sunday, Hobby, who is pregnant with her first child, discussed the reasons for her departure.

Bert Show Big Thank You effort mobilizes for overseas holiday duty

Q100's Bert Show namesake Bert Weiss' duties weren't over Wednesday morning after he peed on a pregnancy test during a presumably wacky bit about the early detection of testicular cancer. After Weiss, Jeff Dauler, Jenn Hobby and Kristin Klingshirn got off the air at 10 a.m., they headed up to the seventh floor of their Johnson Ferry Road workplace to help mail hundreds of thousands of thank you letters to U.S. troops stationed overseas in time for Thanksgiving. Each year, throughout October and November, the Bert Show stages The Big Thank You letter-writing campaign for troops.

First Lady Michelle Obama calls The Bert Show to say thanks for Big Thank You

Last Friday morning, Q100's Bert Weiss sighed into his microphone and admitted to listeners in three states that he feared the morning show's Big Thank You Fall letter-writing campaign drive had failed. After all, with less than 72 hours to go, the effort had accumulated just 40,000 letters. The Bert Show's goal? To generate a hand-written thank you letter for all 400,000 troops stationed overseas to open on Thanksgiving morning. And then thanks to volunteers and listeners in Atlanta, Nashville and Indianapolis, the Big Thank You delivered an astonishing 650,000 letters this week.

Exclusive: Q100’s Melissa Carter to depart The Bert Show after a decade on-air

At 7:25 Wednesday morning, Q100 news director Melissa Carter announced to listeners she would depart The Bert Show next month at the end of her current contract. A decade ago, Carter became the first out lesbian on the city's morning airwaves when she joined Bert Weiss, Jeff Dauler and former "Real World Seattle" cast member Lindsay Brien to debut The Bert Show in March 2001.
The Bert Show March 2005

The Bert Show lets it all hang out

From March 2005: The cast of The Bert Show has built a cult following and rocketed up the ratings race by airing dirty laundry, gossip, and tales of woe—and that's just when they talk about themselves.

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