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You should eat more turkey

There are health benefits to varying your poultry routine throughout the year. Turkey could almost be considered a superfood: It’s packed with protein, low in fat, and contains iron, vitamins B6 and B12, niacin, and zinc. But the market for turkey that’s not ground is slim after the holidays.

Where to eat Thanksgiving turkey dinner…in August

I don't believe in waiting for Thanksgiving to eat roast turkey when plenty of places around Atlanta serve it year-round. You can even get a whole turkey dinner with all the trimmings (pumpkin pie included) on a random Tuesday if you're feeling festive, which is a reason to give thanks even if it is still pool weather.

Make Room for Seconds

Get your Thanksgiving fix at Bright Star in Bessemer, Alabama; Parizade in Durham, North Carolina; and Loveless Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee.

Give Thanks for No Cooking

At Blackberry Farm, Jekyll Island Club Hotel, Chetola Resort, and Royal Sonesta, impressive Thanksgiving spreads are just a reservation away.

Earn Your Turkey

Make room for the mashed potatoes by running one of the South’s many Thanksgiving races.

Everything you need to know about foutas

Foutas have become a customer favorite at Huff Harrington Home. Created as desert wraps in countries around the Mediterranean Sea, foutas are all cotton and machine washable. Their generous size and light texture make them appropriate for myriad uses.

T-day alert: Still time to order a pastured bird

Though most local producers of pastured poultry have long since sold out of holiday birds, a couple of Southern farms are still accepting orders for Thanksgiving. But don't drag your heels. The two growers mentioned below are technically accepting orders into next week, but be warned: Once they sell out, that's it. (It's a little too late to start growing more birds.)

What will you cook for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving may be a holiday about expressing gratitude, but before you can sit down, say grace, and articulate your appreciation, you’ve got to compose one monstrous meal. Of course, each family has its own traditions, including additions and alterations to the standard repertoire. (Mine includes celery-laden stuffing, pumpkin bread, and a chocolate–peanut butter ice cream pie.) One of dining editor Bill Addison’s new darlings is the pimento-cheese potato gratin from The Lee Bros. Simple Fresh Southern. Whatever you end up whipping up, check out our guide to where to get everything you’ll need to eat in this holiday (or where to go to eat out).

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